With an ever-increasing consumer demand for more sustainable products, the fashion industry is facing mounting pressure to become a more circular economy, with waste reduction a key concern for many

Fashion for Good, the global initiative to make the fashion industry more innovative and sustainable, is launching the world’s first toolkit on the product development of Cradle to Cradle (C2C)

Stockholm - Making new fibers and textiles out of food crop wastewas the public's favourite sustainable innovation from the 2018 Global Change Award, as the Crop-A-Porter has been named the main winn

London - The fashion industry's current business model, which sees a huge amount of clothing produced only to be thrown away after a few wears, needs to be changed. A new system is needed to ensure c

Written by Hyun Yeu. Yeu worked as head of design at Gsus for the last six years. Before that he owned his own label Ado Les Scents. Amsterdam - Taking place twice a year, Kingpins Amsterdam is t

London - As Chinese textile manufacturers and leading fashion brands continue to investigate ways to clean-up their supply chains and become more sustainable, new opportunities to lay the foundation

London - 7.5 percent of the global fashion industry have signed the Global Fashion Agenda's 'Call to Action for a Circular Fashion System', committing to accelerate the transition to a circular fashi

Fact - the fashion industry remains one of the most environmentally damaging industries in the world. In 2015 alone the global industry consumed 79 billion cubic meters of water, released 1,715 mill

London - The fashion leaders of tomorrow are acutely aware of the problems they stand to inherit from the current industry which range from pollution to gender inequality and overconsumption. Which i

If the global fashion industry wishes to secure its future then now is the time to come together to and takes steps towards a circular system. That was the main takeaway from the Copenhagen Fashion S

Global fashion retailer C&A together with its corporate foundation, the C&A Foundation, wants to transform the fashion industry and drive its transition to a circular economy. Thus, as a foun

In honour of the Copenhagen Fashion Summit, eco-conscious Swedish fashion label Filippa K transformed its store on Ny Østergade 13 to showcase its vision for a sustainable fashion future. The

London - Once seen as a niche part of the fashion industry, being eco-conscious has rapidly become one of the hottest 'topics' of our time. From luxury fashion houses to fast-fashion retailers, and e