As online retail grows, so does online fraud. Criminals are getting more and more sophisticated, requiring e-commerce companies to stay up to date about their techniques. “Fraudsters have acces

An Indonesian fashion designer who shot to global fame with her Muslim-themed collection was sentenced to 18 years in prison Wednesday for a multi-million dollar fraud and money-laundering. A cour

London - The rise in m-commerce - online shopping via a smartphone, has been widely anticipated and celebrated by fashion retailers around the globe. However, together with the rise of m-commerce al

London - With e-commerce continuing to grow, so does the fraud attacks, according to a new study by the Global Fraud Attack Index, and 2015 reported an increase of 163 percent in the number of attack

In a recent study, the National Retail Federation (NRF) predicts that fraudulent returns would account for 3.5 percent of 2014 holiday sales totalling around 3.8 billion dollars, what is slightly hig

More and more retailers across the globe are tapping into the opportunities of mobile commerce - but the majority of them have yet to fully understand and counteract the fraud risks than come with m-

Independent stores are being told to start upgrading their point of sale credit card readers by next May, if they are not to fall prey to changes in fraud liability that could hit them for £800