Can the biggest players in the fashion industry unite to stop global warming? The United Nations thinks so. During a conference in Katowice, Poland, UN Climate Change has announced the launch of the

Struggling fashion retailer Esprit has unveiled an ambitious plan to counter years of revenue decline last week. But will it succeed in finding a new place on the market, after what the company itsel

Esprit has appointed Mia Ouakim to the role of Chief Product and Brand Officer, following the announcement of major changes to the company’s brand and product strategy earlier this week. Ouakim

Esprit wants to be an iconic brand again. While still the third favorite fashion retailer in its home country, Germany, where it registers an impressive 87 percent brand awareness, things don’t

For the first quarter ended September 30, 2018, Esprit continued to report weakness in revenue as a result of declining customers’ traffic and extended warm summer temperature in Europe which i

German fashion brand Esprit intends to significantly reduce its staff following its recent losses. The company’s Chief Executive Officer Anders Kristiansen sent a letter to all German employees

Esprit Holdings Limited in its annual financial results for the year ended June 30, 2018, said that revenue of the group amounted to 15,455 million Hong Kong dollars (1,970 million dollars) represent

German apparel brand Esprit wants to make its e-commerce greener. The company announced some ambitious targets on its website yesterday: by the end of the year, it aims to make 90 percent of its Euro

The board of directors of Esprit Holdings Limited has issued a statement saying, based on its preliminary review of the unaudited consolidated management accounts of the group for the eleven months e

It is now possible to buy Esprit’s products directly through its Instagram account, the brand revealed this Tuesday. Pictures with tagged products will include a shopping bag icon that reveals

Rafael Pastor Espuch is to step down from his job as chief product officer at Esprit, according to a statement issued by the company. He will exit his role on May 17. The appointment of a new CPO is

Esprit is the latest retailer to halt the use of mohair in its collections, following an expose from PETA concerning animal abuse at goat farms in South Africa. Esprit said in a statement that all it

Esprit Holdings Limited has decided to close all its stores in Australia and New Zealand, as the region has proved to be loss-making. In a statement for investors issued on Tuesday, Esprit said the d

The board of directors of Esprit Holdings Limited has announced that Anders Kristiansen has been appointed to succeed Jose Manuel Martínez Gutiérrez as Executive Director and Group Chie

Esprit Holdings Limited, for the six months ended December 31, 2017 reported revenue of 8,039 million Hong Kong dollars (1,027 million dollars). The reported year-on-year decline of the group revenue

As Esprit continues to struggle financially and with bringing in customers, they have opted to shutter their Hong Kong flagship store. They will also close their Peking Road flagship and a Causeway B

Esprit Holdings Limited, based on its preliminary review of the unaudited results of the company for the six months ended December 31, 2017 has announced that management currently expects to record a

Myntra, India's largest platform for fashion and lifestyle, has won the master distribution and management rights for international brand Esprit to bring the retailer to India. The move means that M

For the year ended June 30, 2017, Esprit reported a net profit of 67 million Hong Kong dollars (8.5 million dollars), representing an improvement in the group’s results against 21 million Hong

After garment workers as the immediate people who make our clothes, it is time to extend our thoughts to the whole supply chain and all those who work on making sure the desired garments reach the sh

Esprit Group revenue for 1H FY16/17 amounted to 8,323 million Hong Kong dollars (1,072 million dollars) against 9,315 million Hong Kong dollars (1,200 million dollars) in 1H 15/16, representing a dec

Esprit Group achieved a net profit of 21 million Hong Kong dollars (2.70 million dollars) for FY15/16, after reporting a net loss of 3,696 million Hong Kong dollars (476 million dollars) last year. T

Based on its preliminary review of its unaudited consolidated management accounts for the full financial year ended June 30, 2016, Esprit management currently expects the Group to record a break even

Holger Thiesse, Senior Vice President and Head of Lifestyle at Esprit, is quitting the fashion company after a fourteen year stint. According to Esprit, Thiesse is leaving ‘to focus on other pr

Esprit Group turnover for the first half of FY15/16 declined 0.4 percent in local currency. The company said that it is a substantial improvement after the previous four consecutive interim first hal

After Esprit announced the departure of Armin Broger as the head of the group's young, minimalist brand, now Patrick Götz, in charge of menswear has put in his papers. Gö

London - The co-founder of the North Face and Esprit, Douglas Rainsford Tompkins, who invested a large part of his fortune into conservation, passed away following a kayaking accident in Patagonia, C

The board of directors of Esprit Holdings announcing its unaudited FY15/16 first quarter update said that the turnover was almost flat year-on-year with a marginal decline of 0.4 percent in local cur

Esprit Holdings, for its financial results for the 12 months ended June 30, 2015 said that the year was an exceptionally challenging one in which the group’s financial performance was adversel