The European Commission has launched an in-depth investigation into Nike’s tax arrangements in the Netherlands, looking to examine whether the country’s tax administration body, Belasting

The European textile industry has until December 2020 to comply to a new EU regulation restricting the use of 33 chemicals which are classified as carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic for reproduction, i

With a resumé that includes experience as General Representative, both at the French Union of the Fashion and Apparel Industries and the European Association of the Apparel Industry, Jean-Fran

The European Union's retaliatory tariffs on US imports have come into force, including 25 percent duty on various fashion items including denim and cotton clothing, as part of the escalating trade w

London - At the moment there are no signs of a potential boycott concerning Britain or its British goods following the UK voting in favour of leaving the European Union. However, there is still plent

Fashion legend Karl Lagerfeld blamed rural Britain Saturday for pushing the country out of the European Union. "Look who voted, it was the people from deep in the countryside, the big cities didn't

The discussions regarding the future interpretation of the EU shoe import charge regulation have once again reopened, now its official term has finished. All Northern Europe parties are in agreement