Archroma, the global colour and specialty chemicals company, has entered into a partnership with the House of Denim Foundation. Archroma is set to support the denim foundation through an annual finan

London - Denim holds a special place within the fashion industry. Originally created as work wear, this solid fabric has been transformed into essential daily wear over the years and become a wardrob

Denim City, the premier denim innovation hub in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, has joined forces with Italian denim mill Candiani to create its own bespoke jeans for the public. The move follows on fr

House of Denim is the first platform of its kind, dedicated craftsmanship and innovation in the denim industry. The headquarters of this Dutch knowledge institute, Denim City, is located in De Hallen

For those who secretly have no idea what selvedge denim is but have heard that the best denim fabric comes from Japan (although they still don't know why.) Or for those who bluff their way through sp

“[Kingpins] was something we really missed in Europe,” said Barbara Gnutti, exports manager for Italian denim supplier ITV Denim, during the opening of the first European edition of Kingp

The world's first official specialized course in denim has begun the school year in Amsterdam. The Jean School is a collaboration between the jeans platform House of Denim and Amsterdam's regional ce