The British Fashion Council (BFC) is a non-profit organisation that promotes British fashion design worldwide. It was formed in 1983 and is based in London. Industry patrons, commercial sponsors and the government fund the BFC. Its aim is to further the interests of the British fashion industry and support its designer businesses by harnessing and sharing collective knowledge, experience, and resources of the sector.

What does the BFC do for the British fashion industry?

The BFC leads the industry through creative influence and is strategically repositioning British fashion in the global fashion economy. It showcases the best of British fashion design to an international audience including press and buyers by hosting the London Fashion Week, London Fashion Week Men’s, London Fashion Week Festival, LONDON show ROOMs, and the annual British Fashion Awards. Furthermore, the BFC helps designers at various stages of their businesses through support initiatives. These include the Colleges Council, an initiative that offers MA scholarships and facilitates links between the fashion industry and fashion graduates, the BFC Fashion Film, Rock Vault, and Headonism. The BFC also runs its own charities. The BFC/Vogue Designer Fashion Fund, the BFC Fashion Trust, the Fashion Arts Foundation, and the BFC Education Foundation are some examples. Another means of support of the BFC is its business intelligence, which is published in the Designer Fact-File, an online handbook for designers with the first ever in-depth statistic-based reports on the fashion industry.

What is the BFC’s Positive Fashion initiative?

The Positive Fashion initiative is a platform designed to celebrate industry best practices and encourage future business decisions to create positive change. It is led by 3 strategic pillars. The first pillar is Sustainability (Ethics) and focuses on social, environmental and business governance to drive a more sustainable fashion future. Equality & Diversity (People) is the second pillar of the Positive Fashion initiative. The BFC sets standards for the respect and dignity of people in fashion, from the product makers to the staff, students and models who pioneer our brands. The last pillar of the initiative is Craftsmanship & Community. It supports the community of talent, skills and craftsmanship that make up the industry and is designed to develop connections and understanding between designers and manufacturers taking a holistic approach to the long term viability of the sector.

What role does the BFC play in the London Fashion Week?

The London Fashion Week is organised and hosted be the BFC. It is the biannual showcase of British womenswear and occurs every February and September. London Fashion Week Men’s, its biannual menswear showcase was established in 2012 and occurs every January and June.