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5 reasons to choose the e-learning course in Fashion & Luxury Management at LISAA

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From mobility and flexibility to professional experiences, e-learning has many advantages. The Master's in Fashion & Luxury Management at LISAA enables students, in two years via distance learning, to bring together studies with working within a company.

1. An innovative method of learning

The programme enables students who do not have the option of attending classes in person at fixed times to follow the different units at their own pace. This innovative method of learning develops students’ autonomy and their ability to manage several projects in a fixed time frame.

2. Bringing studies and professional experience together

Throughout the two years, students can carry out one or several work placements, in France or abroad, undertake a sandwich-course work placement, and can also be employed full time in a fixed-term or long-term contract. A real added value, this time within a business enables students to acquire a solid knowledge of the industry. Graduates can then go on to various roles, such as buyer, collection manager, product manager, visual merchandiser, etc.

3. Managing the rhythm of your course

Following a course remotely allows the student to define their own work rhythm and to adapt to professional obligations while respecting the course’s framework and deadlines. Students benefit from a real autonomy and self-evaluate using training quizzes.

4. A connection to a physical school

Even though this is a distance learning course via a dedicated e-learning platform, students have the opportunity to meet their teachers four weeks per year at LISAA Fashion in Paris. These key meetings are punctuated with time for learning, round tables and meetings with industry experts.

5. A wide range of candidates

The monitoring and content of this course enable it to be accessible for a wide range of candidates, including undergraduate students or active professionals who wish to evolve in their careers and acquire new skills.

A real career fast-tracker, this master’s enables students to forge a vision of this wide-reaching and specialised industry, of the managerial functioning of businesses and to develop their creativity and their experience of the sector.

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