Although retail footfall continues to rise, this recent boost to in-store shopping hasn’t, for the most part, come close to compensating for sales that migrated online. It also fails to resolve the unexpected volumes of inventory brands need to clear. Both trends only set to intensify as we approach […]

Written by Ronen Lazar, CEO of INTURN An unfortunate reality exists within the pandemic’s impact on the fashion industry. The economic fallout from store closings, supply chain disruptions and mismanaged inventory has revealed glaring structural deficiencies in fashion that require strategic change. […]

US Customs will block certain products from Xinjiang because Washington believes they were made in the Chinese autonomous region with the help of slave labour. This is a “modern form of slavery,” said the Ministry of Homeland Security on Monday. The US Government accused China of curtailing human and […]

In the third quarter 2020, for the period June 1, 2020 to August 31, 2020, the H&M group’s net sales decreased by 16 percent in local currencies compared with the corresponding period last year. Converted to SEK, the company said in a statement, net sales decreased by 19 percent to 50,870 million […]

L Brands, Inc. has announced a partnership with Next Plc for its company-owned Victoria’s Secret business in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Under the agreement, the company said in a statement, under the joint venture partnership, Next will acquire 51 percent stake in the Victoria’s Secret U.K. business […]

Business is still booming at Inc. The company, which was one of the few retailers to actually see business improve during coronavirus, will now be hiring an additional 100,000 employees as part of its fourth hiring spree this year. Amazon’s main e-commerce arm continues to see growing sales, […]

As the fashion industry shifts to operating online, a new opportunity has arisen for a platform to connect suppliers and brands. The production of clothing and accessories is by far the most challenging and complicated process of the fashion cycle, and one that requires a unique set of skills. Sourcing […]

Crocs, Inc. has appointed Michelle Poole as President of the company effective September 10, 2020. She will continue to report to Andrew Rees, Chief Executive Officer. The company said in a statement that as President, Poole will assume responsibility for Americas, Asia and EMEA regional commercial […]

Technology is now an important part of retail business. Tapping into retail analytics data is key to ensure success. The key here is how. The Internet of things has an important contribution to make to the store of the future once retailers find suitable business cases. In the new generation of stores […]

Shopping has long been a highly social event. A significant cohort of people shop in-store for the gratification of the process, whether it ends with a purchase or not. Retailers, in turn, have curated their store experiences to cater to shopping as a recreational activity. Especially in recent years, […]

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