New York - Sociedad Textil Lonia (STL) has made itself available to the Government of Spain, offering its factories, staffl and materials to manufacture gowns for health personnel who combat the advance of the coronavirus on the front line. Sociedad Textil Lonia has explained that the lack of some basic […]

Mulberry has provided an update in regards to the Covid-19 pandemic, saying it expects to make a small loss in the second half of the financial year but “remains confident” in the strength of the brand and its long-term strategy. The luxury British handbag label said it is taking all appropriate action […]

Luxury brands are adjusting their quarterly and annual outlooks as the coronavirus continues to ravish the fashion industry across all sectors. French luxury group Kering stated it expects a 15 percent comparable decline in its first quarter compared to 2019. Currently the Group is observing encouraging […]

The management board of Ahlers Ag has announced withdrawal of the forecast for the fiscal year 2019/20 due to impact of the coronavirus situation on its business. The company said in a statement that major burdens are expected, which will reduce sales revenues and earnings in the current fiscal year. […]

Hennes & Mauritz AB has announced through a statement that due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus and its impact on the business, the company is reviewing the situation market by market based on local conditions. H&M said, dialogue about temporary layoffs has been initiated in a number of […]

Fast-fashion retailer Primark has closed all of its UK stores, following closures elsewhere in the world, and has cancelled all future orders due to the spread of the coronavirus. The retailer, owned by Associated British Foods, said that the response was due to what it was calling a “rapidly changing […]

In its interim report for the second quarter and first six months, RNB Retail said reported net sales for the group were 561 million Swedish krona (54 million dollars) compared to 604 million Swedish krona in the second quarter. For comparable units in Sweden, sales were down 9.4 percent compared to […]

In light of current market conditions and the rapidly changing developments regarding Covid-19, N Brown plc in an update said that at this stage, there is no way of predicting the impact the virus will have on the company’s sales, nor how long the pandemic will last and what effect it will have on customer […]

Macy’s, Inc. has announced an update on several actions it has taken to position the company for financial flexibility in response to the continued spread and impact of COVID-19. The company said in a statement that it has access to a revolving credit facility that provides for borrowings and letters […]

New York - During an update briefing Saturday, President Donald Trump announced that many U.S. apparel companies are joining the race against coronavirus. Hanes is one of them, which is taking the lead on the manufacturing of medical-approved masks. "There’s a move on that’s incredible right now, and […]

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