"Made in China" may still evoke more off the rack than catwalk, but Chinese designers are slowly installing themselves in Paris, the fashion capital, as a part of an upscale march towards the lucrative luxury market, a segment that is increasingly made up of Chinese shoppers. As Paris gears up for its […]

Amazon this week announced its holiday season was record-breaking as billions of items were ordered worldwide, although it did not specify exact figures. Popular departments in the U.S. were toys, fashion, home and beauty with more than half a billion total items ordered. “This holiday season has been […]

Though much has changed for the better in Bangladesh’s garment industry - the first ever factory map was published in February, for example, leading the way to more transparency in the supply chain - 2019 was also the year of crackdowns on workers and their rights - as many as 11,600 workers were dismissed […]

New York - Turnover increased at British brand Barbour by 22.8 million pounds to 225.1 million pounds for the year ended on April, 30 2019. The brand, which turned 125 this year, said the results showed the strength of the Barbour name, despite a “backdrop of uncertainty”. Operating profit was up 4.8 […]

ANALYSIS New York – The year will end with a bittersweet taste for retailers in the U.S., as even if online sales modestly inched up in November and December, the estimated volume – and cost – of returns of those items purchased online is expected to hit record heights, setting the total estimated cost […]

New York - Brazil's largest fashion retail group, Lojas Renner, closes 2019 venturing into the Argentine market. Lojas Renner has opened two stores, the first in Córdoba and the second one in Buenos Aires. According to the Argentine press, the investment in the Cordoba store reached 8 million dollars […]

The need for clothing brands and retailers to be more open about their supply chains has become clear over the years, but according to GlobalData it may take more than voluntary action. In a press release, the company announces that legislation may be the answer. Following disasters such as the collapse […]

Apex Global Brands, for its third quarter of fiscal 2020, reported revenues of 4.9 million dollars, a decrease of 16 percent compared to the same quarter in the prior year. On a year-to-date basis, revenues were 15.5 million dollars for the first nine months, a decrease of 15 percent reflecting decreases […]

YKK is continuing its tradition supporting emerging artists and designers by showcasing Turkish contemporary artist Deniz Sağdıç and her love of denim in its latest exhibition and window display at its London Showroom on Commercial Street. In recent months, YKK has displayed sculptural footwear designs […]

The White Company Group has changed its year-end date to the end of July to align with its parent company, and so the published results for the latest financial year are for an extended 70-week period. The company said in a statement that despite the ongoing challenges impacting the retail sector, group […]

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