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Adidas plans to hire 2,800 employees in 2022

By Rachel Douglass

27 Jan 2022


Image: Adidas

Sportswear giant Adidas has announced plans to hire more than 2,800 employees across 47 countries throughout 2022.

More than 900 of these positions will be for the company’s retail stores, while 500 places will be available in the areas of digital, IT, data and analytics. It will also be looking to hire in the area of sustainability, for which the company has stated it has already doubled the number of jobs for the area in the past year.

Over 50 positions will be awarded for apprenticeships or dual studies in Germany, with 800 of the new hires to be from the region in total.

The roles will add to the company’s 62,000 strong workforce, of which around 7,700 are placed in Germany.

“We want to set standards as an employer,” said Amanda Rajkumar, Adidas’ executive board member, in an announcement. “Adidas is an employer like no other, and we go above and beyond every day to create an attractive working environment for our employees. Adidas is fantastic, and I can only encourage those interested to apply.”