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Bottega Veneta to host initiative supporting Italian craftsmanship

By Rachel Douglass

20 Dec 2021


Image: Bottega Veneta

Italian luxury house Bottega Veneta has launched the ‘Bottega for Bottegas’ initiative to support Italian creativity.

Referencing Italy as a nation holding “a culture rooted in its bottegas”, a word that essentially translates to “creative workshops”, the initiative looks to aid communities that contribute to the ‘Made in Italy’ appeal.

Utilising its brand awareness and global visibility, Bottega Veneta will be promoting 12 selected workshops throughout the country, allowing them access to the brand’s advertising, web, newsletter and window display spaces.

“We are excited to present Bottega for Bottegas together with a number of Italian artisans with whom we share the common values of creativity and craftsmanship,” commented CEO Bartolomeo Rongone, in a statement. “We are proud to be able to offer global visibility to these ‘Bottegas’ deeply ingrained in Italian culture, especially during these times that local businesses are suffering as a result of the impact of the pandemic.”

Bottegas included in the initiative are Riso Pozzi, Respighi Drums, Olio Vanini and Saponificio Varesino, from the Lombardía region, Ginepraio Gin and Pastificio Martelli, from Toscana, and Gay-Odin and Amatruda, from Campania. Cantina Bisson, Enza Fasano, Krumiri Rossi and Bottega Orsoni, each from varying regions, are also to be involved in the lineup.