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Chloé publishes first sustainability report

By Danielle Wightman-Stone

14 Jun 2022


Image: Chloé

French fashion house Chloé has published its first sustainability report since committing two years ago to shift toward a purpose-driven business model which embraces social and environmental sustainability.

Its motto ‘Women forward. For a fairer future,’ informs every decision the Maison makes and is rooted in the belief that empowering and uplifting women contributes positively to society and the planet.

As part of its long-term sustainable plans, Chloé set several measurable goals and actions based on four pillars: Fair and Equal Opportunities for people, Responsible Sourcing, Positive Impact on Communities, and Impact on the Planet.

Within its first sustainability report, the fashion house is reporting that it has achieved or exceeded 18 of its 20 objectives set for 2021. This includes becoming a B Corp certified company, sourcing 59 percent lower impact products on average in each ready-to-wear collection, with 13 percent fair trade sourcing, and reducing its greenhouse gas emissions per product by 19 percent.

Other goals achieved include donating 0.26 percent of revenue to initiatives supporting gender equality and ensuring that 100 percent of its people have a sustainability-related objective in their performance plans.

Image: Chloé

Commenting in the report, Riccardo Bellini, president and chief executive at Chloé, said: “2021 marked our first achievements, such as B-Corp certification as well as important progress with regards to increasing the amount of lower impact materials used in our collections; Fair Trade and women-led social enterprise sourcing; transparency; community projects, and a first step for a more diverse and inclusive work environment. Importantly, our carbon footprint has reduced by 19 percent vs 2019 – exceeding our targets.

“We are proud of this progress, but we are aware that the path ahead is long, and many areas still need improvement. This year’s positive progress is what pushes us to set even stronger ambitions for the year ahead, and challenge ourselves even more to harness creativity, craft and savoir-faire so that Chloé continues to be a purposeful force for positive change.”

The French label also announced earlier this year that it was developing the industry’s first social impact measuring tool that will measure, evaluate and visualise social impact to help guide decision-making when it comes to sourcing strategy and product design.