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Corona: we soften your problems

By Sponsor

6 Nov 2020


After the irruptions, as consequence of the lock down measures early this year, the “business to business” fashion logistics market slowly started to recover during summer. Nevertheless, sales figures did not manage to reach the levels as expected, since consumers became conservative in their spending, being uncertain about the near future.

E-commerce continued to explode

Despite the slow down in “business to business”, E-Commerce continued its steep rise as the alternative sales channel. Fashion retailers continued to realise that there will be a permanent shift to online shopping and in turn an increased demand for operational flexibility and last mile solutions. No doubt there will always be a need for physical retail, but the pandemic has fundamentally altered the shopping habits.

The second wave

Shortly after new lockdown dispositions were implemented across the European continent, resulting into enforced shop closures, Modexpress came in action again. It supported its customers in the relocation process of the merchandise back to the Logistics warehouse. Immediately upon arrival the goods were repacked and positioned on pick locations. This enabled the customers to present their collection online in order to limit the lost sale.

One stock principle

Since many years Modexpress fulfils its warehouse services from the one stock principle. This enables the client to allocate the products to the most beneficial sales channel. Whether this will be Wholesale, Retail or E-Commerce is entirely up the customer. All transactions are taking place in real time basis which creates optimal flexibility to Fashion brands.


Needless to state that as leading service provider Modexpress is cooperating and connected with all possible E-commerce platforms. We are able to instantly create connectivity for our customers. Are you interested to be able to concentrate on what you can do best: developing , marketing and selling products? Let Modexpress release you from the burden of fulfilling and order delivering. Tell us your most challenging logistic requirements and we'll engineer sophisticated solutions using our expertise and state-of-the-art technologies!

Please contact:

Cor Noorlander – CCO cor.noorlander@modexpress.eu mobile : +31650832795

Jan Kuipers – Supply Chain Director jan.kuipers@modexpress.eu mobile + 31653109588