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Kontoor Brands expand water saving program Indigood

By Rosalie Wessel

29 Oct 2021


Image: Wrangler, Facebook

Global apparel company, Kontoor Brands has announced the expansion of its water saving manufacturing program, Indigood.

Now working as a facility certification, textile mills must use 90 percent less freshwater than conventional fabric producers in order to be certified for the program. Expanding globally, Indigood will encourage textile manufacturing facilities to adopt water saving techniques.

The program will also analyse denim manufacturing facilities, and certify those using water decreasing methods.

By using processes that decrease freshwater use, the facilities become eligible for a certification. Surveying program participants on a bi-annual basis, Kontoor will be able to monitor the facilities and ensure that they are following the certification guidelines.

The Indigood program debuted in 2019 with the introduction of foam dyed denim, and recently began to focus on freshwater conservation technologies in textile manufacturing. As of March 2021, Kontoor Brands has saved more than 8 billion litres of water.

The initiative also aims to spotlight the facilities taking steps to reduce their water footprints.

“Wherever possible, we must challenge and encourage our end-to-end supplier network and other retail brands to incorporate these principles into their business,” said Jeff Frye, VP of procurement, product development, innovation and sustainability at Kontoor Brands. “We view expanding Indigood partnerships to textile mills across the globe as an important step that can significantly improve freshwater conservation efforts within the apparel industry.”

Kontoor Brands, which owns brands Wrangler and Lee, has committed to reducing its carbon footprint. The company plans on establishing science based targets for carbon emissions, using more renewable energy and progress towards sourcing raw sustainable materials.

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