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Little Mistress introduces first steps of three-year sustainability strategy

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Little Mistress

Partywear retailer Little Mistress has revealed the first stage of its three-year conscious strategy of bringing eco and plant-based fabrics to the frontline of its collections.

The brand has begun implementing a host of plant-based, biodegradable and recyclable fabrics into its collections, with the first transition coming as part of its spring 2022 drop. Around 10 percent of the new line is to be made from 100 percent Lenzing Ecovero, a sustainable alternative to viscose.

Ultimately, Little Mistress’ goal is to produce 70 percent of its designs consciously by the end of 2024.

Its strategy to achieve this goal has been structured in a three-year plan, considering production, original pricing and quality assurance in order to not compromise existing aspects of the brand.

Image: Little Mistress

Mark Ashton, the label’s CEO, said in a release: “We can’t wait to finally introduce the steps we’ve been taking over the past year to integrate these changes into Little Mistress collections. It’s been a real challenge to refine the strategy into a tangible plan but we’re confident in the strides we’re taking to bring consciously, informed decisions to our customers.”

A particular textile included in the summer 2022 line involved the use of orange fibres produced from pressing oranges. Elsewhere, the label will incorporate certified plant-based materials from India, including Aloe Vera, Sugar Cane and Bamboo, for sustainable and 100 percent recyclable alternatives to cotton.

On the journey to its sustainable goals, Little Mistress additionally plans to be completely transparent towards its consumers, detailing full product details on its websites, covering manufacturing, material usage and eco-factors.

Its new collection will be released in February 2022 through its website and select partners, delivered in biodegradable packaging and following a strict code of conduct.

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