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Woolrich launches foundation to preserve the outdoors

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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US outdoor brand Woolrich has launched the Woolrich Outdoor Foundation in partnership with 1 Percent for the Planet.

The foundation will allocate funds and resources to protect the brand’s three core pillars - forests, coastlines and urban space as part of its strategy to preserve the outdoors for communities globally.

On the brand’s website, Woolrich chief executive, Stefano Saccone, explained: “Giving back to the people and planet that inspired and helped build our brand is important to us.

“Working together we can donate, volunteer, and actively provide service to protect and shape a brighter and more sustainable future.”

Through 1 Percent for the Planet, Woolrich will donate 1 percent of all direct-to-consumer, e-commerce, and full-price sales to impactful environmental projects across urban space renewal, protecting forests, and coastal maintenance.

The donation will consist of 50 percent cash and the remaining 50 percent will be comprised of product, volunteer hours, services, or advertising and communications activities.

The combined total of the Woolrich Outdoor Foundation’s contributions to “meaningful environmental projects” is projected to be no less than 3 million US dollars in its first three years, added the outdoor brand.

Image: courtesy of Woolrich
1 Percent for the Planet
Woolrich Outdoor Foundation