For many, working from home can be a challenge. Not only are there a myriad of distractions ranging from pending housework, the kids, pets, one’s spouse, food cravings and more to the exact opposite - a feeling of loneliness and isolation. What better way to beat the work-from-home blues with a playlist […]

As Italian retailers and brands face temporary closures during the current health emergency, a new wave of initiatives is bucking the challenge to experience news ways of operating and communicating. The Fondazione Prada is at the forefront to continue to culturally engage in the context where there […]

During the past decade fashion has become a traffic driver to the world’s most prominent art institutions. Although Diana Vreeland in 1983 organized a retrospective at the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art of Yves Saint Laurent, the first living fashion designer to receive such an […]

The V&A Museum in London is placing a spotlight on Japan’s most famous fashion garment, the Kimono with its latest fashion exhibition. Entitled ‘Kimono: Kyoto to Catwalk’, the exhibition marks Europe’s first major exhibit on the kimono, revealing the sartorial and social significance of kimono from […]

London - Freddie Mercury, Yves Saint Laurent and George Lucas were all seduced by the charms of the kimono, whose evolution from medieval times in Japan will be on show at a major exhibition in London. The kimono has been worn by Jedi knights in Lucas's "Star Wars" movie saga, and David Bowie in his […]

Paris - Super-high heels can free women, says legendary French shoe designer Christian Louboutin, who insists that wearing his towering six-inch stilettos is a "form of liberty". While some feminists see vertiginous heels as sexual enslavement, Louboutin believes the opposite -- even if it means women […]

REVIEW This weekend sees the opening of the second documentary about the original streetstyle shutterbug, entitled The Times of Bill Cunningham. It centers on a 1994 interview with Cunningham by director Mark Bozek which was supposed to last ten minutes but ended when the tape ran out after six hours. […]

Hip hop will be on display at the Museum at FIT in 2023. The museum has announced that it will host a new exhibition entitled "Fresh, Fly and Fabulous: Fifty Years of Hip Hop Style" from February to April 2023 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the birth of the music genre. "Fresh, Fly and Fabulous" […]

The Musée Yves Saint Laurent Paris is to place a spotlight on muse Betty Catroux, a fashion icon described as Yves Saint Laurent’s ‘female double’ for its 2020 special exhibition. Running from March 3 until October 11, the ‘Betty Catroux, Yves Saint Laurent, Feminine Singular’ showcase will mark the […]

60 years old and no sign of slowing down; on the contrary, the older Barbie gets, the queen of the dolls, the more adventurous she becomes. In her 61st year, not only Barbie but also her faithful companion Ken focus more on diversity and inclusivity: For him, this means a man bun, cornrows and freckles; […]

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