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Eileen Fisher creates fashion call to action with "Waste No More" installation in Milan

By Sara Ehlers

29 Mar 2018


Fashion designer Eileen Fisher has recently decided to unveil an art installation in Milan. During Salone del Mobile, the brand will show as "Waste No More" project to further bring awareness to arising problems in the fashion industry.

The installation was co-curated by Li Edelkoort and Philip Fimmano. "Waste No More" is set to launch April 17 and stay during Salone del Mobile until April 22. It will further highlight the long-term effects of fashion and its impact on the industry. With pillows, wall hangings, coats, and upcycled materials throughout the room, the installation certainly makes a statement. "There are arguments whether [fashion] is the second or third largest polluter in the world,” Fisher told WWD.

Designer Eileen Fisher urges no more waste in the fashion industry

It's no secret that the fashion industry has suffered from an impending waste issue. Eileen Fisher's label has always remained active in terms of sustainability and practicing environmentally friendly practices. The brand's website bluntly states that Eileen Fisher's mission embraces "simplicity, sustainability, and great design." The website continues to support that the label uses organic practices and stay conscious of the impact fashion will leave for future industries.

In the past, the brand has made headlines for its initiatives in sustainability. In 2015, the contemporary label stated a plan entitled Vision 2020. Eileen Fisher's plan states that the company will each its goal of 100 percent sustainability within five years to keep ethical and feasible business practices. The company stated it would focus on materials, chemistry, water, carbon, conscious business practices, fair wages and benefits, and more to ensure this initiative. It'll be interesting to see in two years if the elevated label comes through on their promise.

Photos Source: Eileen Fisher

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