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In Pictures: YKK x Pins installation

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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The YKK London Showroom has partnered with British Asian artist and activist, Pins on an interactive installation connecting zippers and fine art to start a conversation on consumerism, mental health, and social media.

For the installation, Pins has creatively recaptured the YKK zipper in his collection, ‘Zippy Lippy’, intertwining his themes with the functional object, illustrating his philosophy of “unzipping the consciousness of mass-consumerism, obsession, and surface popular culture that has distorted society”.

The artworks melds together a diverse range of making methods including sculpture, typography, textile, canvas and YKK zips, with the installation aiming to create a platform that ignites onlookers to “wake up to reality and self-reflect, confronting the problems of mental health, technology addiction and society’s fixation on social media,” added the brand.

Commenting on the installation, Pins said in a statement: “The need to unzip and speak about things is often neglected, so to share artworks which can hopefully ignite meaningful conversation in a somewhat superficial world, is something I’m passionate about.”

Also on display is the ‘Bootylikeous’ sculpture that is a life-casting of a model, created out of fibreglass. The piece is chrome-plated and dressed in bespoke Levis shorts tailored to fit the sculpture. The sculptured model holds an iPhone, previously used by Pins.

The ‘Zippy Lippy’ installation is on display at the YKK London Showroom on Commercial Street, London until May 17.

Images: courtesy of YKK

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