10 Coolest jobs in fashion

The fashion industry is vast and apart from opportunities for designers, models and buyers, offers many more areas of expertise that may not be in the limelight as much but certainly require creativity and skill. After our list of weirdest jobs in fashion last year, don't miss this year's list of coolest fashion jobs.

10. Personal shopper

We think that not only spending someone else's money when shopping but also getting paid to do so is the ultimate dream job. But of course, it is not as easy as it sounds. A personal shopper needs to be pleasant, have a good eye and be on top of the latest trends and styles. And needs to stay well within budget of the individual, department or company he or she is shopping for.

9. Trend spotter

Going a bit in the same direction, trend spotters are paid to go out there - be it runways or the street - and spot fashion trends that are likely to influence the coming season(s). The trick is not to get carried away and pick trends that one personally would like to see but those that turn out to be commericially viable and long-lasting. Trend spotters also need to know about how people think and shop.

8. Online stylist

Have you ever wondered why products on a company's website look so perfect, the background so well styled? That is what an online stylist does - he or she conceptualises how products will look on an e-commerce site and how they should be set in scene. Increasingly, they are also required to collate the data on what is sold online and to chat with shoppers. Knowing photography, computers and styling is a must.

7. Runway technician

Lights, camera, action - these three ingredients are as crucial to any catwalk show as they are to a movie set. But have you ever wondered who makes sure that everything runs smoothly? The runway technician who knows about scenes, sounds, music and lighting. He or she must be familiar with the technical equipment as well as the studio or show space. Sound technical knowledge, experience and flexible hours are a must in this crucial job.

10 Coolest jobs in fashion

6. Style scenographer

Working closely with runway technicians, style scenographers are those professionals responsible for making a designer's or label's dream come true on the runway. Maybe they want a giant maze, a winter wonderland or a crime scene? No problem, the style scenographer envisions it, checks the technical requirements, and makes it happen. Very crucial for the job is keeping an open mind even for the most outlandish idea, diplomacy, creativity and technical know-how.

5. Fashion editor

How about being at the forefront of what is cool and what not? In fashion and everything that has to do with the fashion world. A fashion editor - print or online - may write his or her own editorials and features or edit and collate those of others and make sure everything fits together for a particular issue/theme. In fact, there are a few openings in our job database right now.

4. Fitting model

A fitting model has to try on clothes for a living to show designers, brands or retailers how their clothes look on different body types and shapes. The fitting model also gives feedback on if the clothes are practical and work for real-life people. Needless to say, a fit model has to be comfortable trying on clothes, many different ones, day in, day out. He or she also has to give an honest opinion about how each garment fits on them - or not. If this interests you, here is an opening by a well-known German online retailer right now.

3. Fashion forecaster

While similar to trend spotting, fashion forecasting should not be confused with it. A fashion forecaster will predict colours, fabrics, textures, materials, prints and graphics for anything from fashion and accessories to footwear. Rather than spotting trends on the street or the runway, he or she will use their extensive knowledge of the fashion world as well as research and previous trends in the fashion and other industries as a reference when predicting future trends. A keen interest in fashion, a good memory and ability to make quick connections is a must.

2. Fashion colourist

Ever wondered what the difference is between chocolate, cocoa brown and chestnut is? Well, a fashion colourist would be able to tell you. Apart from determining and differentiating the different shades and hues of a certain colour, they are also expected to come up with new ones. They are the experts for all things colour and need to have a good eye, confidence and creativity.

10 Coolest jobs in fashion

1. Sustainability expert

With sustainability, corporate responsibility and circular economy being the buzz words of the decade, a runway sustainability expert is in charge of making a catwalk show and the products used eco-friendly and less wasteful. But there is also a corporate sustainability expert who advises fashion companies, labels, brands and designers on sustainability, eco-friendly products and practices and makes sure the next generations can proudly show their catwalk efforts. He or she needs to be up-to-date on the latest in terms of science, developments, garments and textiles. Here's an opening at a well-known shoe and accesories brand for those who are interested.

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