IN PICTURES The pro-fur versus anti-fur arguments continue to rage on. As cities attempt to ban the sales of fur (even New York City tried to pass a fur ban), and designers including Michael Kors, Prada, and Versace have stopped using fur in their collections, it is a wonder what the future of fur is. […]

Breaking away from New York Fashion Week may be the new norm for designers. Baja East decamped to Los Angeles to present its Fall/Winter 2020 collection, Midnight in the Mojave. Led by creative director and founder Scott Studenberg, the brand’s latest collection is inspired y “divas and drag balls.” […]

While fashion week has always been a place for designers to reveal their latest creations, it’s also a time for purveyors in all areas of the industry to determine the next set of trends to rise to the surface. Last year, shoes inspired by the hiking and camp culture appeared on runways everywhere, […]

It's an age old trope that is basic marketing 101: sex sells. Rather it's in film, art, or an ad campaign, there is no better way to ensure sales that giving the public something sexy. The runways at New York Fashion Week this season got a little bit sexier, and one of the runway themes this season […]

Celebrities, capes and car parts: AFP rounds up the best shows from Saturday and Sunday of New York Fashion Week. Tory Burch Actresses Julianne Moore and Lucy Liu, and Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour sat front row as Tory Burch showcased floral patterns inspired by Turkish, English and French porcelain […]

Oscars night is the most glamorous in Hollywood, and the best in showbiz did not disappoint with their sartorial choices on Sunday. Pink gowns were a serious trend, along with basic black and statement necklaces. And then of course, there were showstopping fashion moments that don't neatly fit into […]

Italian fashion house Gucci has joined The Lion’s Share Fund to support wildlife conservation by funding the unique initiative to tackle what it calls “the crisis in nature, biodiversity and climate across the globe”. The fund, led by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and a coalition of […]

London-born heritage brand Hi-Tec Sports is putting sustainability first in a new capsule collection in collaborating with Sealand Gear, the South African-based upcycle and ecocycle brand renowned for its environmentally and socially responsible products and accessories. Designed and developed with […]

Gender is over, that’s cancelled. Well, it would be if French heritage brand Equipment and genderless clothing retailer The Phluid Project had the final say in it. The two companies have come together for the launch of Equipment’s fluid collection featuring a debut campaign of gender expressive, non-binary […]

What’s going on in the world of fashion this week? FashionUnited takes a look ahead at the upcoming news and events for the 7th week of the year. Below are the main points from the editorial agenda in the period between 10 - 16 February 2020. Pure London (9 - 11 February) UK fashion trade show Pure […]

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