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April Fools’ Day 2021 - the best fashion pranks this year

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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If you were thinking that fashion brands would cancel April Fools’ Day pranks due to the pandemic, think again. From Boden launching a new streetwear brand to Dune showcasing the hottest new heels made from toilet roll and Missguided creating a very innovative June 21st starter pack - fashion brands got creative this year.

Boden launches new streetwear brand - BDN 2.0

Boden loves an April Fools’ Day joke, in previous years they have stated that British manufacturers will no longer be able to produce the French-inspired stripy staple in the UK, and this year they are launching a new streetwear brand, Boden minus the vowels - BDN 2.0.

In a statement, Boden explained that BDN 2.0 would have a “fearless attitude and unique sartorial identity drawing from the creativity and energy of the global streetwear scene”. Their in-house print and design team took inspiration from the world’s very best street art and graffiti to produce truly unique print and design concepts including platform shoes and a three-bag-in-one design.

Founder Johnnie Boden added: “At Boden, we are always looking at new ways to surprise and delight our customers. The whole brainstorming and creative process was enormously fun and we look forward to seeing our looks on the streets from Seoul to London.”

Images: courtesy of Boden

Dune unveils comfortable heels with double-ply technology

Dune London unveiled the Onaroll heel, a follow-up to last summer’s sell-out style, made from toilet roll. The footwear retailer said in a statement that the heels feature built-in cushioning and comfort due to the double-ply technology and that they tapped into this season’s quilting trend.

The brand quickly added on social media: “Just don’t get it wet!”

Primark to livestream its stores

Fast fashion retailer Primark took to its Instagram to introduce a new feature, Primark Cam, a 4/7 live stream look at our stores even when doors are closed.

While most of Primark’s followers caught onto the April Fools’ Day joke, others shared their frustration about the retailer not having online shopping, saying: “How useless is this? Why not make an online shop and worldwide shipping?”

Others, however, caught onto the prank, while adding that they would "love to see it”.

Image: via Primark Facebook

Joules creates collection for its woodland friends

Joules has unveiled a mini-me collection for woodland creatures - with clothing and accessories for badgers, dormice, hedgehogs and herons.

“We've been squirrelling away at this project for so long and are thrilled to finally introduce it to the world! Pint-sized yet stylish, this new collection of clothing and accessories is available in a number of sizes, all the way from badger to dormouse. Prices will range from five acorns to a twig and a half,” explained Joules on social media.

Some of the highlights include wellies for herons, a faux leather crossbody bag for a mouse, sunglasses for squirrels and a sun hat for hedgehogs.

Images: via Joules website

Missguided launches the ultimate June 21st starter pack

Online retailer Missguided has launched what it is calling the “June 21st starter pack you didn’t know you needed” on its social media.

The pack includes a dress with detachable sleeves and leggings for those who want to protect their fake tan from streaking in the rain, alongside adjustable heels fitted with 2 heel options to cater for the fact that it has been over a year since its customers wore heels.

While the final piece is a grey blazer dress with a detachable raincoat hood, “because let's be honest, it'll rain,” added Missguided.

All the pieces are “coming soon” added the retailer.

Images: via Missguided website

Asos unveils exclusive ‘white noise’ print

Asos has taken inspiration from its monochrome print bags to create a new Asos Design Collection featuring its new ‘white noise’ print. The capsule collection features unisex sweats, statement dresses and utility-inspired trousers.

Unveiled on social media, Asos said: “Chances are, one of the first things that come to mind when you think 'Asos' is our monochrome print. We call it ‘white noise’ – and today, we’re unveiling an exclusive capsule collection covered in our bangin’ black-and-white beaut!”

Image: via Asos website

Happy April Fools’ Day!

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