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Baukjen drives sustainability with a new collection filled with “future-focussed” fabrics

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Baukjen Lab collection Credits: Baukjen

London-based sustainable womenswear brand House of Baukjen has launched a new innovative and responsible collection utilising “future-focussed” fabrics designed to have a much lower social and environmental impact than their conventional counterparts.

Dubbed ‘Baukjen Lab,’ the new collection explores brand new innovative materials and processes at the forefront of sustainability, including Nativa Regenerative Wool, H2Color, and Tencel denim as the B Corp-certified brand looks to take a step towards “Fashion 2.0,” where fashion is more responsible.

Geoff van Sonsbeeck, co-founder and chief executive of House of Baukjen, said in a statement: “To see real change in the fashion industry, we need to be vocal about the solutions we find and work with others in our space to scale up the innovations that lead the way for Fashion 2.0.”

Baukjen Lab collection Credits: Baukjen

House of Baukjen, which is the highest-scoring fashion B Corp company in the UK, has made sustainability and ensuring its collections have a lower impact a priority, and 99.4 percent of its entire current autumn/winter 2023 collection is responsibly sourced. However, ‘Baukjen Lab’ is geared at highlighting how innovative fabrics and processes can be used to make commercial products, while lowering its carbon footprint.

The move is part of its commitment towards responsible fashion, and after switching to lower-impact versions for all its raw materials, the fashion brand is looking to explore regenerative, next-gen and circular materials, including finding solutions to "impact hot spots" within its supply chain.

Baukjen Lab collection Credits: Baukjen

House of Baukjen spotlights sustainable innovations with new ‘Baukjen Lab’ collection

‘Baukjen Lab’ incorporates what it calls “gold-star innovations,” featuring styles that have been designed “to overcome specific issues head on, whether through a raw material, manufacturing process or circular intervention,” explains the womenswear brand. For instance, the debut collection doesn’t just use more responsible options, they use new, research-backed solutions to solve problems and take further steps to minimise the impact.

Currently, 99 percent of Baukjen’s carbon footprint comes from scope 3, with 80 percent being from its clothes. The womenswear brand is looking to ‘Baukjen Lab’ to reduce the footprint of its raw materials and manufacturing by utilising innovative solutions, such as Nativa Regenerative Wool, which benefits the land, animals and farmers and is 100 percent traceable from farm to final garment.

Baukjen Lab collection Credits: Baukjen

The debut collection also features H2Color, a ground-breaking technology that can be used during the normal dyeing process of cellulosic fabrics, like cotton and viscose, to "drastically" reduce the carbon and water footprint. As well as Tencel denim, a lower water alternative to traditional cotton denim, which is sourced and manufactured using an environmentally responsible process and never contributes to deforestation.

Baukjen De Swaan Arons, co-founder and creative director of House of Baukjen, added: “We’re excited to launch Baukjen Lab where we develop and work with truly innovative fabrics. Fashion as we have known it, is not sustainable. So, we have taken the lead to show how it can be much kinder to the planet and people.”

Highlights from the nine-piece ‘Baukjen Lab’ collection include a classic red V-neck jumper with an exaggerated neckline crafted in Nativa Regenerative Wool and wide-leg slouchy jeans using Tencel denim, as well as elevated basics crafted in Lenzing Ecovero jersey made using H2Color technology. Prices range from 69 to 139 pounds.

Baukjen adds that it plans to grow the ‘Baukjen Lab’ collection each season “as further innovations become accessible to the brand”.

Baukjen Lab collection Credits: Baukjen
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