Benetton and the British Olympic Association have settled a dispute over the use of Olympic symbols and wording on a range of children's clothing, with Benetton agreeing to pay damages and costs, according to reports.The dispute concerned a range of Benetton's children's clothing that featured the Olympic Rings, the word "Olympic" and in one case, the word "Official", without permission.

The commercial use of these words is restricted by the Olympic Symbol etc (Protection) Act of 1995, which gives exclusive rights in these words, with a few exceptions, to the British Olympic Association (BOA) and its partners.The BOA objected and Benetton removed the items from sale and gave undertakings not to infringe upon the BOA's rights in the future. However, because Benetton refused to pay damages and costs, the BOA took the matter to court.

Benetton has now agreed to pay a substantial five-figure sum in damages and costs, the BOA's solicitors, Farrer & Co, advised on Friday.According to in-house BOA lawyer, Sara Friend: "The Olympic Symbol is arguably the most famous logo in the world. This legal action shows that the BOA will take all necessary steps to enforce its rights in order to protect our sponsors against ambush marketing."


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