Wardrobe, a relatively new clothing rental company, has launched across the U.S. after a New York City beta test that it had been operating since November 2019.

The clothing rental startup functions on a peer-to-peer basis, allowing renters to browse the closets of hundreds of users willing to rent out their clothing. All orders are picked up through "Wardrobe Hubs," which are dry cleaners that the company has partnered with. Wardrobe's system allows individuals to earn money on their unworn clothing, and helps bring business to local dry cleaners.

Users who choose to rent out their clothing lend items to Wardrobe for 120-day consignment cycles.

Wardrobe's platform has allowed over 50 thousand dollars worth of designer fashion to be rented out in the New York market, with several lenders earning over 1,000 dollars.

The company's website does not yet state which markets will now have access to Wardrobe rentals.


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