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Deveaux relaunches at New York Fashion Week

By Kristopher Fraser


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Image: Deveaux

Please, call it a comeback. That’s what Deveaux has been planning for their first runway show since the COVID-19 lockdown.

At New York Fashion Week, the brand founded by Andrea Tsao had a relaunch that saw them stepping out of its previously minimalist comfort zone. Founded in 2015, the brand was known for approachable, relaxed silhouettes and neutral colors. As they are now rebooting themselves for the next decade, they are still trying to stay true to their DNA but begin an evolution.

Image: Deveaux

“It’s important now for us to show people that we’re sticking to a lot of our roots, but also trying new things,” Tsao said to FashionUnited. “This season was the most color we’ve ever done. We’re also bringing back our menswear, which we paused during the lockdown. We’re excited to relaunch menswear because we’ve seen a lot of crossover between women shopping for men’s pieces and men shopping for some women’s pieces. We’re also launching accessories. The goal was to push ourselves creatively this time. We’re still sticking to our functional roots, and creating tailored pieces, but we’re also trying to create pieces like we’ve never done before.”

To that extent, their spring/summer 2023 collection included expected pieces from the brand, like a beige jacket with statement pockets, but these contrasted against blue and orange striped long-sleeve T-shirts and nearly sheer yellow blouses. They also didn’t shy away from color with blue blazers, orange dresses, and asymmetrical ocean blue slip dresses.

“The brand is a few years old now, and I wanted to showcase a new life for it,” Tsao said to FashionUnited. “We were known for minimalist, subdued, sophistication before. We’re still doing that, but we also wanted to showcase we’re capable of doing more creative pieces. It’s been a grueling nine months trying to create this collection, but we’re happy it finally happened.”

Tailored pieces had a nearly genderless approach to them, sheer shirts would’ve fit either men or women, and a casual hoodie paired with a black jumpsuit worn by an older model transcended both gender and age expectations. Deveaux managed to offer a little something for everyone, which is no easy feat, but mission accomplished.

Image: Deveaux
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