Euratex, the European Apparel and Textile Organisation has welcomed the EU Commission's announcement of its agreement with China to carry out double checking of Chinese exports to the EU of eight textile and apparel products until the end of 2008.

The categories concerned cover eight of the ten products which are subject to limitation until December 31 st 2007 following the EU-China bilateral agreement reached by Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson with his Chinese counterpart Bo Xi Lai in June 2005.

Euratex President (Mr) Michele Tronconi said: "In the absence of quotas after the end of the year 2007, this agreement offers the most practical means of contributing to the smooth transition to quota free trade during the course of 2008 which is recognised by all parties concerned, and more especially by EU manufacturers, as being essential."

The eight product categories covered by the double-checking agreement with China are: 4 (T-shirts); 5 (Pull-overs); 6 (Trousers); 7 (Shirts); 20 (Bed linen) 26 (Dresses); 31 (Bras) and 115 (Flax yarns).

Euratex represents the apparel and textile industries of the member-states of the European Union, and also has members in Turkey, Croatia, Egypt, Morocco, Russia, and Serbia.


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