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Dutch clothing brand launched world’s first color changing hoodies

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24 Aug 2021


Apeldoorn August 24 2021 | SEA’SONS official

A scoop for Dutch company SEA’SONS, they’re the first in the world to launch a color changing hoodie collection. The company, from Apeldoorn the Netherlands, had its first scoop in 2018 when it released its swim shorts “I hope we can develop more clothing that combines textile and technology in the future”, says Tom van Dieren (23), SEA’SONS owner.

SEA’SONS began back in 2018 where it successfully launched with a Kickstarter campaign. Van Dieren was able to fund his €15000 goals twice for his color changing swim shorts. The young entrepreneur was only a sophomore and based his idea on his favorite childhood toys: Hot Weels cars. After one and a half year of investigating and a successful Kickstarter campaign SEA’SONS was able to take off. “We believe in added value.” Due to combining technology and textile we’re creating that within our clothing.

“The added value is the success behind the swim shorts”, says van Dieren. The swim shorts that change color when they are in contact with water make the products really come to life. That’s why a lot of children sizes are sold as well. “A lot of children do not understand the ability of our products, therefore the surprise and wonder if even bigger”.

Where other brand release new collections and prints every month, SEA’SONS has a lot more that comes to mind when developing new products. For more than a year the owner has been testing fabrics on sustainability, colors, fitting, and quality multiple times to eventually come to this unique product. A hoodie with its colors based on the surrounding temperature. When the hoodie is warm, it will be white. When the hoodie is cold, it will be dark gray. By developing and testing the fabrics over and over SEA’SONS was able to perfect the color changing ability of the fabric used in the hoodies.

“Developing a new product is step one, making it affordable is a whole other challenge”. Products raise in (cost) price quickly when new materials need to be developed and produced. Such a product needs a lot of time and effort, loads of testing, and this all needs to be financed as well. By increasing the volumes, reducing the waste process, moving the whole production process towards Europe, and decrease the supply chain size the young entrepreneur from SEA’SONS made it possible. A whole new product, thoroughly developed, that is ready to hit the market. “SEA’SONS’ purpose is to create the same experience that’s offered with the swimwear within winter clothing”, says van Dieren.

The unique fabrics the hoodies are made with are edited with heat reactive micro capsules to create their color changing ability. The color changing feature happens at 27 degrees Celsius “This temperature ‘breakpoint’ has specifically been chosen due to the fact this is the winter temperature where the most color changes will happen.” Although 27 degrees Celsius won’t sound like winter temperatures, the most color changes will happen around this point. Next to inside and outside temperatures, your body temperature will play a big role within the color changing feature of SEA’SONS hoodies. When you’ll step outside in winter or autumn you’ll see the colors changing almost instantly.

The new SEA’SONS collection will be available different color combinations. Dark gray – white, and Blue – white for now, more colors will be released soon. Van Dieren says there are big plans ahead for the future of SEA’SONS, but he wants to focus on launching the new color changing hoodies first.

Read more about SEA’SONS on the brandpage: fashionunited.com/companies/sea-sons