Fall/Winter 2017-18 Key Womenswear Concepts

The Trendstop catwalk team reveal the key inspirations that are informing both the womenswear and lifestyle categories. Our experts have brought together the key apparel and interior collections that will be inspiring and informing the future of contemporary design. FashionUnited readers will discover the trends essential in creating an impact across multiple sectors and categories in 2017 and beyond while our comprehensive coverage analyses and evaluates each trend's commercial value and longevity to give you the best possible basis for your decision making.

This week, Trendstop present the three important themes to transcend fashion and design. Frozen In Time captures feelings of calm and contemplation with a more mindful take on the minimalist lifestyle. East Meets Eco fuses eastern influences with the natural world and sustainable living while Enhanced Everyday elevates the workaday wardrobe to high design status.

Frozen In Time

Fall/Winter 2017-18 Key Womenswear Concepts

Design looks to forge a closer link with consciousness. Feelings of stillness and calm are underpined by the gentle minimalist aesthetics seen at Tibi and J. JS Lee. Clean lines, floating silhouettes and contemporary forms mirror the look of Nendo's submerged transparent silicon Jellyfish Vases. Contemplation and mindfulness inspire the Cos x Studio Swine collaboration as the fashion retailer showcases a multi-sensory installation that refocuses the mind in times of change.

East Meets Eco

Fall/Winter 2017-18 Key Womenswear Concepts

Natural materials and traditional crafts from around the globe come together for Fall. Landscapes are the inspiration for the subtle textural patterns at Peter Pilotto and Shigeru Uchida's bamboo and chestnut wood pieces made using Japanese joinery. Pringle's throw-on silhouettes in comforting fabrics and Färg & Blanche's samurai inspired Balon fabric armchairs introduce a cocooning protective feel to both fashion and interiors.

Enhanced Everyday

Fall/Winter 2017-18 Key Womenswear Concepts

The elevation of the ordinary and everyday is evident for both fashion and lifestyle looks. Utility staples we take for granted are given a directional high fashion Christopher Kane. Workaday classics are reengineered for a chic and sophisticated masc-femme feel replicated in twist Erdem's PlusMinus screwdrivers that see household tools become works of art. A muted palette of urban greys and steely blues at Lemaire echo the concrete tones of Paul Cocksedge work that takes material from his floor studio and transforms it into urban industrial furniture.

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Fall/Winter 2017-18 Key Womenswear Concepts

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Images courtesy of Trendstop: Cos x Studio Swine, J. JS Lee Fall/Winter 2017-18, Nendo, Tibi, Peter Pilotto Fall/Winter 2017-18, Shigeru Uchida and Adrian Cheng, Pringle Fall/Winter 2017-18, Färg & Blanche Fall/Winter 2017-18, Christopher Kane Fall/Winter 2017-18, Erdem, Lemaire Fall/Winter 2017-18, Paul Cocksedge


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