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Femme Luxe partners with recycling app

By Danielle Wightman-Stone

8 May 2019

Online fashion retailer Femme Luxe is partnering with recycling app ReGain to encourage its customers to recycle their unwanted clothing in return for exclusive discounts.

The ReGain app encourages users to donate unwanted fashion at local drop points, in return for access to exclusive discounts from a variety of brands. The clothing is then reused or recycled, avoiding it ending up in landfill and Femme Luxe is offering users a 10 percent off across its collection of dresses, separates and accessories.

Femme Luxe founder Bobby Samari said in a statement: “A huge amount of clothing goes to landfill every year and we want to try to lower these numbers by teaming up with ReGain. We’re aware that we as a nation have a long way to go when it comes to sustainability and environmental issues, however we hope that this is the first small step towards becoming more aware of where our waste goes.

“As a brand, we will be introducing a number of initiatives over the next year towards becoming more sustainable. We are constantly assessing how we can do our part.”

The retailer added that it is looking into biodegradable packaging solutions to improve upon the recycled bags it currently uses, as well as a fully recycled range, which it states it is currently “researching and developing”.

Femme Luxe offers a range of womenswear covering dresses, separate and accessories, priced from just 2.99 pounds.

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