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Fuchs Schmitt: The innovative specialist for outdoor fashion

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The brand Fuchs Schmitt stands for innovation, lifestyle, fashion and quality. In the women's outerwear segment, Fuchs Schmitt is the specialist for outdoor fashion and with the striking “fox head” as a key visual, the styles such as jackets and coats, can be found worldwide at all leading clothing stores, chain stores and corporations as well as marketplaces.

"We love fashion and we care": for Fuchs Schmitt, sustainability is a forward-looking maxim of its own actions. Under the hashtag #FutureLove, the company is constantly working to increase the proportion of recycled content. Whether with outer fabrics from the Recycling Capsule Collection, recycled filling materials such as Solarball, Thermore, Vegan Vibes or brand new SynCloud Bio, an innovative filling made from a unique combination of recycled and renewable materials.

The team of designers creates two extensive collections a year that are so creative and multiple that every woman, regardless of age, can find the piece that suits her individual needs and tastes. Fuchs Schmitt customers appreciate the highest quality, the perfect workmanship and the loving details that distinguish the pieces and make them long-lasting companions.

The customer's lifestyle and the changing climatic conditions lead Fuchs Schmitt to create lighter jackets and coats that can be worn regardless of the season and also allow for great styling options in combination! Current fashion pieces are as much a part of the program as the weatherproof functional pieces, Rainwear, Weather Protection and Sympatex, which are simply indispensable for all jacket lovers.

A selection of classics such as quilted vests and jackets with fashionable details, e.g. hybrid pieces with a mix of materials and with various sustainable fillings are gathered in the NOS program and thus available for longer periods. This program is complemented in HW21 by some fashion highlights, for example a short coat in bouclé, wool pieces with removable 2 in 1 look and casualization pieces in loose fit, such as sweats.

Fuchs Schmitt is active in all important social media channels and uses various digital platforms to give customers the opportunity to shop their favorite pieces in an uncomplicated way.

Read more about Fuchs Schmitt on the brandpage: fashionunited.com/companies/fuchsschmitt

Fuchs Schmitt
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