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H&M launches 'Take Care' apparel pilot in Hamburg

By Vivian Hendriksz


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Swedish fashion retailer Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) AB has launched a new pilot project in Hamburg, Germany, which aims to educate consumers on how to take better care of their garments. The pilot, entitled 'Take Care' is part of H&M's wider sustainability aim to become 100 percent circular and help accelerate the fashion industry's shift to a new model.

The new project, which officially launched last Thursday coinciding with the launch of H&M's 2017 Sustainability Report, includes an in-store repair station, garment-care products as well as online advice on to care, repair and recycle any unwanted garments. H&M tapped local influencers, who hosted a series of free workshops over the weekend to raise awareness for product repair. Customers were encouraged to bring by clothing from any brand for repair.

Online and via H&M's app, consumers were also offered advice on how to remove lipstick stains from their clothes, how to reattach buttons or wash clothing at a lower temperature. H&M also debuted a range of garment-care products, which includes enviromental-friendly washing detergents, a stain-removing spray, sewing kits, patches and sneaker cleansing wipes. In addition, H&M also launched a special washing bag designed to prevent the dispersal of plastic microfibres shed by synthetic materials, like fleece and nylon, in the washing machine.

H&M's pilot is only being tested in Hamburg, Germany for the moment, as it is the retailer's largest market and home to some of the most sustainably aware consumers. But the retailer aims to expand its pilot programme to other countries in the near future. "We already have big plans to continue the concept and look forward to giving you more information soon," said an H&M spokesperson to FashionUnited DE.

Photos: H&M website
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