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In conversation with Vingino: the power of collaborating with Messi

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Danny Zwager Credits: Vingino

In this interview, we delve into Vingino's collaboration with soccer legend Lionel Messi. Danny Zwager, Vingino's export manager, provides insights into this partnership, the impact of Messi's move to Miami, and the brand's future direction. This offers an intriguing look into the worlds of fashion and soccer, emphasizing the value of collaborations.

Credits: Vingino X Lionel Messi

Can you shed light on the collaboration with Messi and its origins?

For years, we've cherished our collaborations with celebrities, soccer players, and influencers. Our past ventures include partnerships with notable names such as Senna Bellod, Memphis Depay, Daley Blind, and Emre Can. Last year presented an exceptional opportunity: a collaboration with the greatest footballer ever, Lionel Messi. This partnership was solidified before the World Cup. Our CEO, Jan van den Berg, had full faith in its potential, and the results have been overwhelmingly positive.

How do you envision Messi's global icon status influencing Vingino's brand and product lines?

We have observed that people around the world are incredibly passionate about Lionel Messi. This sentiment is echoed at international trade shows. Everywhere we present the Lionel Messi collection, the response is overwhelmingly positive, with many being genuinely impressed. As you can imagine, this opens many doors for us. With quality and service being top priorities for us, we are able to establish unique partnerships in no time. This paves the way for numerous new global collaborations, through which we also hope to introduce Vingino and Raizzed. This is truly a collaboration, much like the ones we've previously had with Daley Blind, Senna Bellod, and Emre Can in Germany. However, the collections of Vingino will always remain true to their essence, as the Vingino DNA is of utmost importance to us.

Could you touch upon the challenges you encounter as an export manager, especially when considering international expansion?

Every role has its challenges. A primary obstacle for us is the variation in seasons. When it's winter here, some of our clients experience summer. This demands designing collections versatile enough for global appeal, irrespective of the season. Different regions also have distinct operational norms. This necessitates quick adaptation on our part, enriching our understanding of various global cultures and operational methodologies. Thankfully, with Jan van den Berg's extensive export experience, I always have guidance and support.

With Messi now playing for Miami, how has this transition impacted Vingino's global sales strategy?

Following the news of Messi's transfer to Miami, our design team promptly conceptualized a Miami-themed collection. It showcases our company's agility and adaptability. Messi's move has been advantageous in every regard, given his stellar performances, further cementing his title as the Greatest Footballer Of All Time.

Given the ever-evolving nature of fashion, which current market trends do you foresee affecting Vingino's product development and marketing strategies? How do you keep pace with global consumer preferences?

We observe a rapid shift in fashion trends, necessitating a swift adaptive response in our collections to stay relevant. Consistently launching trendy and contemporary collections is essential for maintaining brand visibility, especially online. It's evident that digital platforms and social media play a pivotal role in our marketing endeavors.

What is your vision for the future of Vingino, and how do you see the brand evolving in the coming years?

Vingino's hallmark has always been innovation, tailored to consumer desires and requirements. This ethos, I believe, is why our brand remains prominent even after nearly 25 years. This foundation won't waver in the future. In collaboration with our clients, we'll seize emerging opportunities and remain receptive to their feedback, always prioritizing the essence of Vingino — our unwavering commitment to quality and service.

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