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Jennifer Ritz shares the inspiration for her new spring/summer 2022 collection, ‘Chrysalis’

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22 Jul 2021


Jennifer Ritz, the designer known for her striking use of color and bold silhouettes, has been working on her latest collection, Chrysalis. Here we can get a sneak peek at her inspiration and some hints at what’s to come in spring/summer 2022.

Chrysalis is a period during the metamorphosis of a butterfly. It is the in-between stage of being, when the creature is no longer a caterpillar, but not yet the beautiful being it will become. This is a good metaphor for the transition the designer underwent during the past year. It has been a long period for introspection that allowed her inspiration to slowly take form.

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.” ~Maya Angelou

There is a new softness to this collection. Flowing lines and rounded shapes, then punctuated with the designer’s customary architectural detailing. The colors, too, have an ease to them: sparkling whites and soft neutrals with a hint of shimmer. Some surface details worth noting are the lightweight tweeds with a gossamer of lurex and the luxurious duchesse satins with the slightest sheen. A standout shirting fabric has small stripes of champagne gold paillettes, reminding one of dewdrops on summer morning grass.

Designed for the confident, creative and courageous, the collection is a fusion of classic tailoring and romance, at once strong and feminine. You will find the customary bold cocktail suiting and dresses that the designer is known for, but also more delicate blouses and tops. Like all Jennifer Ritz designs, each piece is engineered to flatter the female form.

Insisting upon meticulous quality and longevity, contrary to today’s affliction of fast fashion, this proud American brand is ethically produced in New York City by skilled artisans that are masters of their craft.

The collection will be available to the trade in September, and will take flight in stores in early spring. Visit the designer's website here: www.jenniferritz.com

Read more about Jennifer Ritz on the brandpage: fashionunited.com/companies/jennifer-ritz