Latest digital developments taking place across fashion weeks

The virtual Fashion Week format is rewriting the accepted norms of content and communication – but how to connect with buyers without the rousing in-person spectacle of the catwalk?

Whilst the digital imperative brought about by Covid-19 has produced many interesting fashion films, podcasts, and online webinars, consuming it all on laptop screens divests the experience of the emotional awe of in-person events.

Latest digital developments taking place across fashion weeks

Trendstop invites FashionUnited readers to discover the latest digital developments taking place across fashion week.

Two brands – Loewe and Gucci – have adopted a similar approach to mitigate the impersonal nature of digital presentations, by (metaphorically) throwing open their doors and inviting the spectator into the inner-workings of their SS21 collections.

Latest digital developments taking place across fashion weeks

Loewe delivered the stand-out Show in a Box, containing a letter from Creative Director, Jonathan Anderson, paper lookbooks, fabric swatches, cut outs of Loewe’s design team, a pop-up set, and a cardboard record player that can be spun manually to play the show’s soundtrack. Anderson invites his audience to construct the collection themselves, bringing them into the intimate - and usually well-guarded - creative process.

Gucci meanwhile fully embraced the digital in its most hair-raising – a 12-hour livestream behind the scenes of a campaign shoot, delivered to dedicated cafes, bars and restaurants in Rome, Paris, Milan, Madrid and Moscow. The co-ed ‘Epilogue’ collection was styled and shot on Alessandro Michele’s own design team, followed by an official showing. Vegetables from organic farms were delivered to editors and influencers around the globe, symbolising the beauty of the imperfect form.

Interestingly both brands brought their teams (albeit in cardboard form at Loewe) into this year’s offering, perhaps a nod to the renewed appreciation of family, friends and colleagues that the pandemic has brought us all.

Latest digital developments taking place across fashion weeks

It seems to be a winning formula for brands tip-toeing into the digital space - when the spectacle is reduced to a 17” screen, don’t let the depth of experience reduce with it.

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