Band Aid organiser Bob Geldof has launched an attack on charity shops, claiming that they should all be closed down. Geldof was appearing on Radio 4's Start the Week programme, and was asked what should be done to save small shops. He commented, "I live in a small town in Kent and a major supermarket […]

The first full day of the post-Christmas sales saw a drop in shoppers compared with last year despite many centres reporting huge crowds, analysts said. The firm FootFall noted a 5.9% decrease in shopping visits to UK centres on Monday compared with December 27 last year. But these figures come as many […]

Tesco and Asda are leading the way in the European supermarket sector with their non-food ranges, according to a report by market research company Mintel. The report states that Tesco, which sells clothing brands Florence & Fred and Cherokee, and Asda, which sells the infamous George at Asdalabel, […]

Tne Financial Services Authority has warned retailers that they must advise the City of any downturn in trading during pre-Christmas sales as soon as possible. The City regulator has told retailers chief executives of FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 retailers that they must not wait for the traditonal Januarytrading […]

The Italian denim and streetwear company Diesel is revving up its engines in a new restructuring campaign. This week the company's founder, Renzo Rosso, announced that it would be participating in New York Fashion week on the 10th February with its newest up-market collections. "Diesel is a state of […]

For years one of the few ways to feel like a million bucks was to sport a designer-logo tote. It immediately added chic to one's wardrobe, which might otherwise consist of high-street creations. It didn't really seem to matter, because the bag seemed to speak for the rest of the items in our cupboards. […]

A Pennsylvania-based clothing manufacturer is suing the US fashion house Calvin Klein Inc. Calvin Clothing Co.Inc. has alleged that the fashion giant and its parent company, Phillips-Van Heusen Corp. is destroying it. Last Friday the company filed a lawsuit in Scranton asking the court to prevent Calvin […]

The British fashion house Hardy Amies is set to float on the London Stock Exchange at the end of the month, the company revealed this week. The company raised GBP2.5 million before the float, which will be used to continue to build the brand. Further to this, the company has announced that it has signed […]

Every fashion retailer to have its own TV channel with FashionUnited TV The European platform for the fashion industry is introducing an in-store communication channel for fashion retailers. In-store communication is an increasingly important instrument employed to stimulate customer purchase behaviour […]

Yesterday the US Jones Apparel Group Inc successfully completed its acquisition of the department store Barneys New York Inc. The transaction cost Jones $397.3 million (GBP215.5 million), which included $19 per common share to Barneys shareholders, amounting to a total of $291.3 million. Furthermore, […]

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