Italian clothing giant Benetton says a gruesome new campaign aimed at forcing the company to boycott Australian wool is "unjustified and defamatory". Benetton said the US-based People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) was using the company's high-profile name to give international visibility […]

The Swedish high street retailer H&M has reported a 24% increase in sales for November 2004, mainly thanks to the enormous response to the 'Karl Lagerfeld for H&M' collection. The capsule collection was sold in about half of the 1,000 H&M stores worldwide and is expected to generate additional […]

Stefano Gabbana of Italian design duo Dolce & Gabbana has been gossiping about his clientele with a reporter from The Independent. Gabbana revealed that the duo is quite picky about who they dress. Many a pop star has asked to borrow the glamorous clothes but Gabbana draws the line at people he […]

The cold, miserable weather that we've come to love and rely on so much for eight months of every year is here in full force. For those who prefer to face the elements in a snugly parka, Alpha Industries offers a wide range to chose from. Men can chose from a selection of different models. There's the […]

The British clothing manufacturer Slimma has reported a drop in turnover for the year ending 1 October by 9.1% to GBP25.9 million. The results were especially disappointing after an outstanding first half. Pre-tax profit increased from GBP 390,000 to GBP950,000. The company, which included a mail order […]

The countdown to buying those pieces you've been eyeing all season, but couldn't afford has started. Madeleine Press has a selection of delicious knitwear at 30 per cent discount and if you can't afford designer gear, the high street is full of bargains already. Liberty is starting their sale on the […]

American animal rights activists have named Benetton as their next target after the multi-billion dollar Italian fashion house ignored threats to drop Australian merino wool from its products. Benetton, with 5,000 stores worldwide and USD2.6 billion in annual revenue, is a major user of Australian wool […]

The new chief executive of Gucci Group yesterday granted its newest acquisitions Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen and Balenciaga brands six seasons to hit profitability. Robert Polet, unveiling his strategy for the first time since France's Pinault-Printemps-Redoute buying of the group, signalled […]

Those retailers who decided to wait with markdowns ands resists early sales and heavy discounting may have found a winning strategy, according to the latest figures from traffic analyst SPSL. The latest Retail Traffic Index shows that the number of shopping trips for the week commencing December 5 was […]

Fragrance is the most democratised wing of fashion, because everyone can get a piece of the designer life at a good price. But with Armani Prive - four unusual, sophisticated scents, only available at this Sloane Street store and Harrods in the UK - Giorgio Armani is doing something different. "Not […]

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