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Pronovias continues body diversity push with Ashley Graham

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: Pronovias x Ashley Graham

Bridal brand Pronovias has unveiled its second collaboration with model and body activist Ashley Graham, enforcing its commitment to body diversity and inclusivity, as the range will be available in an extended size range of 32 to 64 / US 0 to 32.

During the Zoom launch, Ashley Graham said that her desire to collaborate with Pronovias stemmed from having difficulties finding her own bridal gown for her 2010 wedding, where her wedding dress experience left her feeling like she had compromised.

“I was so excited when Pronovias called to do a collection, because for my bridal experience I had to compromise so much,” explained Graham. “For my collection, I want to ensure that nobody has to compromise on style, size and fit, because our range is from US 0 to 32. I just feel like it’s such a no brainer to have such a size inclusive wedding collection and Pronovias have nailed my it.”

Image: Pronovias x Ashley Graham

Graham added: “I only align with brands that I believe I would wear and that are actually size-inclusive. With Pronovias, it’s not just the grading scale, but the fact that there is built-in shapewear in every single dress, and the fact that the size 22 dress is the same dress you can get in a size 2.

“Partnering with Pronovias was a very easy decision to make, we align on a lot of the same morals and values – it’s about empowering women, all shapes and sizes, and backgrounds. We want to make women feel confident.”

Image: Pronovias x Ashley Graham

For the bridal brand, Amandine Ohayon, chief executive of the Pronovias Group, said on the zoom call that being inclusive was important: “At Pronovias, we are pioneers when it comes to changing the norm of the bridal industry, and driving inclusivity, whether its body or gender inclusivity, is very important - we are here to answer to the needs of our brides, and it's important that we speak to all brides.

“It’s really in line with our values and partnering with someone like Ashley really challenges us to go one step further, and that’s good as we need to be challenged. I also think our approach is very different to other brands, as we want to focus as much on the style, as the fit and the comfort – we want all women to feel sexy, whatever their size.”

Ashley Graham partners with Pronovias on second size inclusive bridal collection

Image: Pronovias x Ashley Graham

Graham’s debut collection for Pronovias launched in 2020 was a “great success,” according to the bridal brand, and for her second collection, the supermodel has once again worked closely with Alessandra Rinaudo, Pronovias’ chief artistic director, to co-design a 17-piece bridal collection filled with lightweight, comfortable and fashion-forward silhouettes, with an emphasis on design innovation and construction.

Graham added: “I really feel the first Ashley Graham x Pronovias collection was such an amazing success because we didn’t create it just for ‘curvy women’, but all types of women. What makes this collection a little bit different from the first is all the innovation and the designs. We’ve thought about the interior and the exterior, we upgraded the fabrics, lace and beading, and we have thought about every kind of occasion and body type.”

Image: Pronovias x Ashley Graham

The collection redefines shape, style and fit for curvy women with tailoring innovation from the inside out, explains Pronovias. With dresses featuring transparent bodices lined with skin colour nets and tulles, which are supported by lightweight bone constructions to “lend a sensual yet fully supportive décolleté to generously endowed brides”.

The Barcelona-based bridal brand has also extended the size range by “tweaking every detail,” from backline to skirt volume and cup size, to create a perfectly balanced silhouette for the curvy figure. While fabrics of skirt linings and under layers were chosen for their fine weave, comfort and flexibility, as well as how they slim the figure and create a "svelte effect over the hips and thighs".

Image: Pronovias x Ashley Graham

On the design and construction, Rinaudo said in a statement: “Every detail was studied in order to still slim the silhouette. From the skillful use of skin-tone colors, the proportion of the neck and backlines to the skirt volume, and technical inner constructions. All of these were developed with Ashley in order to create a glamorous look that also fits to a ‘T’.”

Three key style trends run through the Ashley Graham x Pronovias 2023 collection from bohemian, romantic and featherweight silhouettes to statement mermaid dresses that debunk the myth that fitted styles are only suitable for “certain” body types, and bridal dresses for modern princesses that accentuate the upper body with catwalk-led busters fully supported with specially developed bones and cups and have lightweight skirts that still offer regal ‘ball gown’ volume.

Image: Pronovias x Ashley Graham

When it comes to her favourite dresses in the collection, Graham said: “If I had to get married again and renew my vows, I would definitely wear the Day dress. I love the Day dress because it was inspired by my Zac Posen dress that I wore in 2018 to the Oscars.

“When I was designing with Alessandra [Rinaudo], this A-line neckline got brought up and just how simple but incredibly glamorous and elegant it was. The way that it fits is incredibly snug all throughout the body with a mermaid skirt from the knee, which give more of the illusion of a shabam hourglass body. Plus, it is also 100 percent lined on the inside, so you don’t have to wear shapewear.”

Image: Pronovias x Ashley Graham

Other highlights from the collection include the Baobabs gown, an elegant boho chiffon and textured macramé lace dress that is ideal for beach weddings, and the Panjin mermaid dress, which is made of Chantilly lace and has a boat neck and long sleeves.

The Pronovias x Ashley Graham 2023 wedding collection is now available to buy in sizes US 0-32 from 1,620 to 2,800 pounds / 1,700 to 3,000 Euros/US dollars.

Image: Pronovias x Ashley Graham
Image: Pronovias x Ashley Graham
Image: Pronovias x Ashley Graham