The Ralph Lauren Corporation has teamed with nonprofit organization to work towards gender parity within the fashion industry. The two parties, along with PVH Corp., Lacoste, Tiffany & Co. and Movado Group have unveiled a new roadmap to help the industry achieve equality goals.

The strategy is outlined in a paper called "Unlocking Gender Parity in Fashion," which offers industry peers a step-by-step guide to work for gender parity and pay equality at all levels of their organizations.

This roadmap focuses on steps including making a visible commitment to gender equality, looking to executive recruitment strategy as the key to hiring qualified and diverse women at equal levels and pay, benefits and policies to improve work-life balance and equal pay as an essential part of sustaining gender parity.

“Across the industry, we recognize that we need to make discernible progress on diversity, equality and inclusion. By coming together to develop a consistent method and approach to achieving gender parity and greater diversity, we can move further, faster,” said Ralph Lauren's chief people officer, Roseann Lynch, commented in a statement. "This roadmap represents a significant milestone for our industry, and we look forward to continuing to engage in meaningful dialogue with our peers as it is embraced and implemented across companies.”


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