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The environmental and human impacts of fast fashion are catastrophic. In addition to being the second largest polluter in the world, there is a massive disconnect between the people that make our clothes and the people purchasing the clothes. Clothing manufacturing has become faceless and nameless. And yet, the people who make our clothes are anything but. Consumers rarely understand or see the impact from purchasing products. This needs to change.

The Good Tee is on a mission to make it easier to purchase guilt-free, responsibly made products and humanize the apparel industry. No longer will you need to guess who made your clothing and the impact of your purchases. The Good Tee manufactures premium quality fashion basics which are Fairtrade cotton certified and use eco-friendly dyes. Businesses can also customize their blanks.

All t-shirts are fully traceable from farm to warehouse and they share stories of all the makers. The Good tee is working hard to provide alternatives that put people and planet first. As a certified B Corporation we aim to be a force for good.

Some fun facts about the Good Tee:

✔️We are Fairtrade cotton certified. We only use certified G.O.T.S organic cotton and eco-friendly dyes. More than 300k cotton farmers in India alone have committed suicide and we support our cotton farmers by paying a premium through Fairtrade Canada.
✔️We measure our environmental impact. For every product you purchase; we tell you how much water, energy, emissions, and pesticides you have avoided.
✔️We just got Bcorp certified- legally committed to being a force for good and scored 88%..
✔️Our factory is run by Franciscan Nuns who support an old age home and kids orphanage.

To learn more visit the website.

Join us in celebrating and honoring the people who made the clothing you wear. Together we can humanize the apparel industry and value people and the process.

Interested in purchasing The Good Tee as a retailer? Explore the collection on the FashionUnited B2B Marketplace.

The Good Tee on FashionUnited

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