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Rotterdam School of Management's NFS hosting seminar with Gant

By Aileen Yu


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Founded by Erasmus University’s Rotterdam School of Management students, the New Fashion Society aims to bridge the gap between the fashion world and university students. NFS provides a platform where business possibilities in fashion are presented and organizes events where industry professionals and students can engage in meaningful dialogue.

On November 27, NFS will be hosting a seminar with preppy American Sportswear brand, Gant. Established in 1949 on the campuses of American East Coast universities and based in Europe, education and authenticity are steeped in the brand's values. Today, Gant has a global presence in over 70 markets, 750 stores and 4,000 selected retailers. With its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, Gant employs more than 1,300 employees throughout their offices around the world.

Matilda Rosengren, the Head of Marketing at Gant Benelux, will talk about the company’s current challenges, give insights and practical tips while reflecting back on her journey from intern to Head of Marketing at Gant. She will share tips on how to get that first internship, make a lasting impression and also cover post-internship opportunities.

The second part of the seminar will focus on Gant’s rapid expansion in the Benelux market and their newest marketing challenges. Rosengren will be discussing who Gant’s existing customers are, what target groups they are pinpointing and how they plan to reach that demographic. In essence, their slogan "Never Stop Learning" defines Gant’s strategy and who they are as a brand.

More information about the seminar can be found on the New Fashion Society’s website.

Photos: courtesy of the New Fashion Society, Gant's website

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