Software allows uniform sizing to brands including J.Crew & Lululemon

Technology is the answer to the lack of uniformity in sizing standards. Apparel-technology company Alvanon has introduced a system to offer global fit standards throughout the apparel industry using 3D digital design.

Called the Alvanon Body Platform (ABP), the global fit standard enables apparel design teams internationally to use a library of over 6,000 3D avatars to creating sizing that is consistent with those of other manufacturers. ABP uses a secure cloud database to operate its library, which is currently available to a select group of apparel brands.

Avalon’s ABP allows a quick and accurate way for brands and retailers to access and share their fit and core body standards with their supply chain partners, that is also consistent with the fit standards throughout the global industry. The virtual 3D AlvaForms, as Avalon calls its avatars, represent the dominant body shapes and sizes of consumers across the globe. It also introduces development tools such as virtual texture and measurement lines and flexible poses.

The tech company has invited J.Crew, Express, Lululemon, Under Armour, American Eagle Outfitters, Lucky Brands, Kohl’s and a few other teams to beta test the platform.

“This is just the beginning for the virtual AlvaForm,” said Stephen Sze, Avalon’s director of software engineering, in a statement. “This launch marks a new era for retail innovation - the use of 3D digital design allows brands to create realistic prototypes in a variety of different styles without having to actually make them: eliminating huge amounts of waste each year. ABP is the starting point for that 3D journey.”

Photo: Alvanon


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