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Study shows social media users actively avoid sponsored influencer posts

By Tess Stenzel


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According to a new study, 58 percent of social media users in the US say they won’t buy influencer-promoted products while actively avoiding sponsored posts that seem inauthentic or uninformative.

Looking at over 501 active social media users in the US, Visual Objects, a guide on hiring B2B services, surveyed users about how they engage with influencers and what drives them to follow various influencer accounts. Survey results found that social media users are drawn to informative content that provides insight into a subject of interest.

The most popular types of influencers users follow are subject matter experts at 34 percent, business leaders at 29 percent, and wellness experts at 28 percent.

“Influencers with subject matter expertise are best able to engage their followers and cultivate communities based on shared interests. Influencers with these engaged, niche followings are ideal candidates for business partnerships,” stated the company in a press release.

Kyle Dulay, director of Collabstr, a marketplace that connects brands with influencers, stated brands need to aim for authenticity and relevance in sponsored social media content.

Furthermore, results showed that people are very selective about who they follow. The majority of social media users, 57 percent, follow five or fewer macro-influencers and prefer to follow micro-influencers with fewer than 50,000 followers.

Tanner Arnold, president and CEO of Revelation Machinery, stated he believes micro-influencers are businesses’ best option for social media partnerships.

“Any brand should include micro-influencers in their marketing campaign because it will help their budget in the long run. Brands have a better chance of reaching a larger, more engaged audience this way, allowing them to develop a genuine fan base.”

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