As Fashion Month comes to a close with Paris Fashion Week having just ended, retail and technology analyst Edited has compiled the Spring Summer 2019 trends most prevalent to retailers in the coming season. Edited shared in an earlier trend report this season that when it comes to trends, there is no need to “reinvent the wheel” each season; the consumers who drive sales and don’t intend to wholly revamp their wardrobes every six months. Edited reported that the “magical fashion balance” is to offer a level of freshness while remaining within a comfort zone that is in line with continued consumer interests.

The Paris Fashion Week trends estimated to be of the biggest concern to retailers for the SS19 season are just that: similar to what we’ve been seeing in recent collections, yet new enough to convince consumers to replace existing wardrobe staples and shop.


Key colors for SS19 will be extremes, black and white, with a secondary palette of brighter tones, such as pink, blue, green and orange. While black tends to be a major trend in Autumn/Winter collections, warmer seasons had previously been defined by colorful primary palettes. Edited noted that head-to-toe black dressing for SS19 was mainly applied to sheer fabrics, thus resulting in a more ethereal appeal appropriate for the warmer season.


Prominent shapes for the upcoming SS19 season should be very similar to shapes that are already trending: boxy and defined shapes such as blazers and biker jackets juxtaposed with more feminine pieces, like maxi dresses and pleats.


Edited reported that the most important themes from Paris Fashion Week will be goth, travel and 1970s-inspired. While the goth theme is aligned with the dominating color scheme, 1970s and travel themes are reflective of current nostalgic trends we have been witnessing as of late.


As consumers’ interests in the aesthetic of prints have stayed consistent, branded and animal prints are at the top of Edited’s report for Paris Fashion Week. Additionally, stripes, graphics and abstract florals will remain on trend for SS19.


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