Tokyo, Indiana Jones and Yoga: Menswear trends to watch for 2020

From Japanese inspo to functional utility, there’s lots to look forward to across menswear this year. Based on recent runway and lifestyle trends, Edited pinpoints the four major areas to watch out for in 2020.

Tokyo Shift

Already in the spotlight after hosting the Rugby World Cup this year, the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo are just another reason to put Japan at the forefront for inspiration. Already backed by the SS20 runway, Alexander McQueen tapped into more traditional influences with delicate florals and embroidered dragons, while a kawaii meets futuristic take on manga was presented at GCDS. Manga has already trickled down to the mass market where Uniqlo’s UT collection is of particular note.

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics will also aid in the rise of board culture, with surf and skate new additions to the games. Streetwear aesthetics go hand-in-hand with this, an area Japan is already on the map for thanks to brands like Undercover, WTAPS, Neighborhood and White Mountaineering.

Real Romantics

After the May Met Gala, the likes of Harry Styles and Timothee Chalamet have paved the way for a new interpretation of the word ‘camp.’ Edited’s Retail Decision Platform noted sheer and silk fabrics, delicate embroidery, sequins, glitter and even ruffles trickling down to the mass market. Alessandro Michele of Gucci is at the helm of this aesthetic. Off the back of Bohemian Rhapsody, Rocketman and the upcoming David Bowie memoir, glam rock is gaining traction in the marketing, propelling the 70s decade forward. This era lends itself well to a more whimsical sense of style.

Functional Fashion

Comprised of practicality and grounded in neutral tones, the interest in this story is building thanks to representation on the runway and on-screen in the Star Wars film The Rise of Skywalker. Brown and neutral colors continue to grow along with classic shades of khaki green. The fifth installment for the Indiana Jones series has also been announced for a 2021 release, further backing the influence of this theme in the market.

Health & Wellness

A well-established story in womenswear, the movement toward wellness is now trickling into men’s trends. Highly characterized by an already popular athleisure influence, activewear brands like Lululemon are putting a higher focus on menswear. Celebrities like Chris Hemsworth are also promoting the growing trend. Yoga apparel will continue to be important as it combines both fitness and mindfulness.

This article was written for FashionUnited by Krista Corrigan and Tara Drury of Edited. Edited is the leader and industry-standard for real-time retail analytics, where the software leverages artificial intelligence to track and reveal insights on competitor product ranges, pricing, discounting and trends across the global retail landscape. The software is used by buyers, planners and trading teams to generate a huge competitive advantage.

Main photo: Gucci spring/summer 2020 advertising campaign, courtesy of Gucci


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