Tramontana Spring/Summer 2020 collection

With the arrival of head designer Antois Kiestra, women's fashion brand Tramontana has chosen a new path, ensuring every Tramontana woman can be the best version of herself.

Tramontana Spring/Summer 2020 collection

The new collection is packed with fun details, beautiful colors, designs and comfort on every level. In addition, there are flash collections that reflect the current trends.

Tramontana Spring/Summer 2020 collection

These are collections that will pleasantly surprise every Dutch woman, whether she is a size 34 or 46. Kiestra: “We are taking a new path, with modern collections in which Tramontana presents a stylish, feminine and at the same time cool and casual image, without being fussy or complicated.

Tramontana Spring/Summer 2020 collectionTramontana Spring/Summer 2020 collection


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