Triumph's Amourette: 'You just know when you have Found the One'

London - "I have to say, I have the easiest task of the evening because everything we will be presenting is all from the lingerie from the Amourette family. They only have another color, another print or are made of another material," explained Carine Van den Broeck, product manager at Triumph, during a preview presentation for the Amourette Autumn/Winter 2015 collection, slated to arrive in stores this September. The Amourette 300 bra, Triumph's best selling bra made from lace, has existed for over 25 years. However, Van den Broeck assures the audience that the Amourette bra has changed with the times and currently appeals to both young women and mature ladies.

Triumph's Amourette: 'You just know when you have Found the One'

"We launched the first Amourette bra in 1950 and it looked it like this," adds Jessica Simonsen Public Relations Manager at the German lingerie label, holding up a rather vintage looking bra, complete with pointy nipple cups. The 1950s were apparently not known for offering very comfortable bras - back then there was no elastic in the straps so if you were gifted with larger breasts, the fabric cut into your skin. The sizing at that period in time normally ran from an A to a C cup, with a D cup being an exception. Van Den Broeck: "When we look at our sizing of today, then the A and the B cups are more of an expectation and our best selling sizes are an 80 C or 80 D Cup, which a few years ago used to be a 75 B," explains Van den Broeck. "So there is really something changing amongst women."

Triumph launches it's new Amourette 300 range for Autumn/Winter '15

Nowadays the Amourette bra is made from soft and elastic lace - and goes up to a G cup. "G for Gregory. No, wait the G from Gorgeous! Because ladies, its really all in our heads. As soon as a woman hears that she may have a F Cup, she thinks that is HUGE. But no, it is the F of Fantastic. And the D from Damn I look good!" Although she does not mention the A of Adorable or the B for Beautiful, she does point out the differences in cup sizes. "The construction of the bras is slightly different with the bigger cups. For example. the straps are wider, as are the sides of the bra itself to offer more support where needed."

Triumph has seen a number of changes since the launch of its first bra in 1886, named the 'Bust Improver', a rigid wired cage construction which held breasts stiffy in place and whose only aesthetic addition was two small bows placed on the tips of the cups. In 2013, the former manager for Triumph's Northern Europe region Søren Steffensen revealed to FashionUnited that the brand was hard at work to renew its brand image in all countries, in particular the Benelux. "Triumph is perceived as a bit old-fashioned," he said. "We predominantly sell the classic models, although we also have modern lingerie. The target audience is a little older than it should be. We also want to reach younger women."

Triumph's Amourette: 'You just know when you have Found the One'

Van den Broeck agrees that in spite of many high profile collaborations, including ones with Helena Christensen, Matthew Williamson and Louise Gray , the label is still sometimes thought of as a little old-fashioned. "Many women associate Triumph with the bras that they grandmothers wear. And yes, we may have the perfect fit for your grandmother, but we also have the perfect fit for young women as well," she points out as models walk by during the presentation.

Not only is the brand undergoing an image transformation, Triumph has also made it their mission to fit the perfect bra for every women. The label first kicked off its mission last year with its international 'Stand up For Fit' campaign, which aimed to inform women around the world the importance of having a correctly fitting bra and that having uncomfortable straps and too-tight seams was not normal. Reactions to their campaign where better than expected: 380,000 stepped forward to be measured in store, whilst Triumph had a modest target of 100,000. Therefore the brand has now decided to take things one step further - by the end of 2015 Triumph plans to have measured over half a million women and help them find their perfect fit. To help them hit this goal, the label recently launched a new campaign, entitled 'Find The One.'

Triumph's Amourette: 'You just know when you have Found the One'

"We have launched a new campaign this year which is all about finding the one bra that is really good for you, that has a perfect fit and is suitable for a special occasion," adds Simonsen. "We have so many different styles that sometimes it can be difficult for women to figure out which style is the one for them and which style they should use. So when we talk about finding the one it is all about going into one of our shops and getting help from our trained specialists in finding the One."

Original by Yasmine Esser, edited and translated by Vivian Hendriksz


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