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Valentine's day 2022 by GOT BAG

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GOT BAG ROLLTOP, courtesy of the brand

Declare your love to the oceans

Valentine's Day has finally taken hold in our country as well. Nobody can ignore it and through all kinds of channels people are encouraged to show how much they love each other. For those who currently have no significant other in their lives, or who want to celebrate love with a clear conscience, GOT BAG offers the perfect solution. This is because with their bags and accessories made from ocean plastic, you are above all declaring love to the oceans and the environment.

Recycled plastic

Every year, more than 12 million tons of plastic ends up in our oceans. To make people aware of this, GOT BAG developed the ROLLTOP; the world's first backpack made from recycled ocean plastic. The plastic is collected in Indonesia by GOT BAG's own team. The collection now consists of bags and backpacks in various sizes and colors and there is also a wide choice of accessories such as toilet bags and wallets. Recently, an extensive children's collection was also added. Each product is made from a certain weight of collected plastic. From 0.2kg for a passport cover to 4.5kg for an overnight bag.

GOT BAG SHOWER BAG, courtesy of the brand

Valentine colors

The bags and accessories are available in different colors that fit into the palette of the sea and the beach. Those who want to stay in Valentine's moods can choose, for example, the pink shade of Coral or Rose Pearl or the more flamboyant and sultry red of the color Sandstone. The bag is also an ideal companion for a romantic outing. The HIP BAG and DAY PACK, for example, are ideal to take along on a picnic and the WEEKENDER is big enough for everything you need for a romance-filled weekend away.

GOT BAG DAYPACK, courtesy of the brand

Create an Impact

GOT BAG's mission is to create awareness about the amount of plastic we use and to encourage people to think in a circular way. The limited Mission Edition collection literally tells the story behind this mission. On the products is in tight graphic print how much plastic is collected for the product and is therefore ideally suited to show others how much you love the oceans.

The GOT BAG collection is available at various retailers but also online on the GOT BAG's website.

Prices range from €29 for the CARD HOLDER, WALLET or PASSPORT COVER to €149 for the ROLLTOP BACKPACK and €199 for the WEEKENDER.

GOT BAG ROLLTOP, courtesy of the brand
GOT BAG HIP BAG, courtesy of the brand
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