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What we can expect from the new Berlin Fashion Week

By Barbara Russ


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Bild: ® Ken Schluchtmann for Stilwerk GmbH

Mercedes-Benz has exited the German capital, at least as its namesake sponsor. Can Berlin Fashion Week stand on its own two feet? Judging by the programme of the upcoming edition, it does indeed look that way. It includes at least as many programme items, if not more, than in previous seasons.

Going West

The Berlin Fashion Week is always on the move - literally. In this edition, however, there is a very clear westward pull. Most of the locations for the edition are in the western part of the city, which has been experiencing a revival in recent years. The Premium fair and 202030 - The Berlin Fashion Summit will take place at the Messegelände/ICC, while the fashion shows of the new format 'Newest' and the Berlin Modesalon will be at Kantstrasse and pop-ups at Kudamm. Charlottenburg, once decried as dormant and bourgeois, seems to be on the upswing.

Image: ©Uhura Digital for Berlin Fashion Week

Newest: fashion shows in the KantGaragen

One reason for this is the new platform 'Newest' in the Stilwerk KantGaragen, which is operated by Nowadays GmbH. A total of seven designer collections will be presented there on January 16 and 17. The participating labels and show formats are also the winners of the 'Berlin Contemporary' design competition, which was implemented by the Fashion Council Germany on behalf of the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Businesses. The labels taking part are Vorn, Dennis Chuene, Odeeh, Bobkova, Dzhus, Fassbender and Namilia.

Image: ®Theresa Kaindl / Shotview for Nowadays

The Berliner Salon

The Berliner Salon is a fixture in the BFW programme and once again brings together a broad spectrum of German fashion designers in Berlin. More than 40 labels will be there, demonstrating the breadth of creativity in Germany.

W.E4 Fashion Day

A real sensation will be on view at the W.E4 Fashion Day. Designers Rebekka Ruetz, Danny Reinke, Marcel Ostertag and Kilian Kerner have joined forces and are presenting a joint presentation format in the Kühlhaus. The 'BFW multiplier format' should ensure a good media reach and celebrity density.

Image: Copyright © 2022 STUDIO183 Berlin

‘500KG CO₂’ - Upcycling in a Digital Age

As another of the 'BFW multiplier formats', '500KG CO₂' invites you to a collection presentation co-designed by influencers and an immersive exhibition on Ku'damm. The combination of VR and AR technologies brings together tech, fashion, sustainability and upcycling. The public can then experience the exhibition at Studio183 in Bikini Berlin.

William Fan

William Fan, who is usually one, if not the, highlight of Berlin Fashion Week, is a conspicuous absence from the programme. Fortunately, the designer is not missing entirely. He will show an installation and a showcase in the Alhambra retail space on Ku'damm, which will then be open to the public from January 17 to 28.

What are the highlights?

Some returnees and newcomers are also eagerly awaited. It is particularly pleasing to find well-known names such as Rianna + Nina, Odeeh and Malaikaraiss in the show calendar, as well as Esther Perbandt, a 'veteran' of the new Berlin fashion - the designer has been designing her black classics since 2004.

Image: Namilia

Namilia is a highly anticipated addition to the calendar. The fashion label specialises in sex-positive partywear and likes to surprise with provocative campaigns such as fashion shows featuring celebrities or porn stars - the title of the AW23 collection, ‘Cruising Utopia’, gives hope.

This article originally appeared on FashionUnited.DE. Translation and edit by: Rachel Douglass.

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